Cannabis Tax Booming in Nevada

Legal recreational marijuana sales began July 1, 2017 in Nevada. According to Nevada taxation officials, tax revenue from cannabis sales totaled nearly $3.7M. Total sales of marijuana was approximately $27M. That's a legitimate boom for Nevada and growing very close...

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Banking for the Cannabis Industry

The legal cannabis industry continues to grow despite hurdles at the federal level. Banking for the cannabis industry, in particular, has been a challenge for many dispensaries, cultivators, and testing labs. Much of this difficulty stems from the 2013 Cole Memo and...

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Legal Cannabis in Maine

On November 8, 2016, after a very close vote, marijuana was finally legalized in the state of Maine. That puts the state in a group of other 7 states and the District of Columbia which have made cannabis legal for recreational purposes, retail sale, and the taxation...

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Insurance for Cannabis Businesses

All businesses need insurance. It’s a customary method to protect themselves from many unforeseeable financial losses and, in some cases, it may be legally or contractually required. The problem for cannabis business owners is that there is still a lack of insurance...

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Banking and the Cannabis Industry

In 2016, an estimated $1.2 billion in cash will be transacted by the cannabis industry in Colorado, one of four states where cannabis is legal for recreational use. Federal law, however, prohibits banks and credit unions from taking marijuana money since the drug is...

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