Legal recreational marijuana sales began July 1, 2017 in Nevada. According to Nevada taxation officials, tax revenue from cannabis sales totaled nearly $3.7M. Total sales of marijuana was approximately $27M. That’s a legitimate boom for Nevada and growing very close to the projected $5M in monthly tax revenue projected once licensing and ordinance issues are fully resolved.

Better yet, August 2017 marijuana sales were over $33M, a jump of 24% from July 2017. That amounts to nearly $4.8M in tax revenue to Nevada for the month.

Compared to Washington, Colorado, and Oregon, Nevada’s legal marijuana industry is off to a strong start. According the Las Vegas RJ, Colorado and Oregon each sold around $14M worth of marijuana the first month of legalization. Washington had sales of just under $4M.

Nevada reaps $3.7M in tax revenue in first month of recreational marijuana sales

Nevada marijuana sales eclipse $33 million for August 2017

Nevada has massive first month of marijuana sales

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