Looking for dispensary insurance in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, or California? You’ve come to the right place. Cannabis Insurance Pros offer specialty business insurance to the legal marijuana industry. We offer general liability, property insurance, and workers compensation to all types of cannabis business owners.  Our flexible policies can be adapted to the needs a cannabis dispensary, testing lab, cultivation facility, or for landlords with cannabis tenants.

Business insurance for the cannabis industry has a short history. While 25 states have legalized medical marijuana, only a handful have implemented recreational use. With federal law still conflicting state law, the insurance industry has been reluctant to offer coverage. This means there are just a few specialty insurance providers that cater to the marijuana industry.

Fortunately, at Cannabis Insurance Pros, we understand the insurance needs of dispensaries, grow operations, testing labs, and landlords. We have access to several insurance providers that provide a broad range of coverage tailored to your needs. We can provide coverage for marijuana crop in various stages of growth, finished product & stock, liability for infused products, and coverage for buildings, tenant improvements, and other property. In addition, our policies can include loss of income coverage should your business suffer a loss that forces operations to cease for a period of time. Testing labs and product makers should also consider professional liability to complete their portfolio of coverage.

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Marijuana dispensaries, grow operations, testing labs, and landlords are better served by working with an insurance provider that specializes in their industry. At Cannabis Insurance Pros, we have worked with dozens of cannabis-related businesses seeking affordable insurance coverage. Thinking about opening a cannabis dispensary, grow operation, or testing lab? Let our team of insurance professionals help you craft an insurance program that is both affordable and comprehensive. Call us at 888-226-6285 or visit our Get a Quote page to request more information.

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