Marijuana is quickly adopted by many people from all over the world be it for recreational or medical use. But you do have to wonder, are there any health benefits offered by this plant? Can it help you change and boost your life? Here are some of the interesting health benefits of marijuana.

It helps you cut back on alcohol

If you start a Marijuana based treatment you will see that you consume less alcohol. The effects will be felt gradually but it will indeed offer you a very good experience to begin with.

Stimulates appetite

Aside from being able to remove nausea, Marijuana actually helps you boost your appetite. This is great if you are a person that doesn’t eat much or which has health problems. Marijuana can be the solution you seek here and it works amazingly well.

It helps protect and heal your brain

A study from the Cerebral Cortex journal ( shows that marijuana will be able to help heal your brain after a concussion or any brain related injury. Aside from healing the brain, marijuana actually has some great protective properties. It also helps protect the brain after a stroke and at the same time it lowers the chances of acquiring any potential complications.


Marijuana is already used in some states as New Mexico for treating PTSD. Many other states are trying to use medical marijuana as a PTSD treatment although they have a hard time agreeing to the use of smoked/vaporized marijuana in medical institutions.

Soothes Parkinson’s tremors

A new research from shows that marijuana can help people with Parkinson’s quite a bit. It helps lower the tremors and pain, not to mention that patients tend to improve their motor skills quite a bit.

It helps you lose weight and boost your metabolism

Thanks to the great antioxidants and vitamins included in marijuana, it actually helps you lose weight naturally. If you combine it with a great diet you can see results very fast. Weed also helps you obtain a good metabolism boost which makes results even more impressive!

Other important health benefits:

  • Marijuana helps alleviate the arthritis discomfort and it will also remove or at least reduce inflammation
  • It allows you to sleep better and it will reduce the amount of nightmares that you experience during the night.
  • It helps treat the inflammatory bowel disease
  • It can help you less hepatitis C side effects. Not only that, but it will even help boost the results from your treatment.
  • It helps you deal with muscle spasms and many muscle related conditions
  • Eases the pain brought by multiple sclerosis
  • The THC found in Marijuana allows you to slow Alzheimer’s progression
  • It helps lower the anxiety related problems.
  • CBD, a chemical found in weed can help stop spreading cancer
  • It helps control the epileptic seizures
  • It boosts lung health
  • It can be used as a glaucoma treatment

Marijuana is a great treatment for many conditions and diseases, as you can see from the list above. It’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before you use this type of treatment, but done properly Marijuana can really help you acquire some amazing results!

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