With strong support in Clark and Washoe counties, question 2 passed in Nevada with a 54% margin. This means that recreational marijuana is now legal in Nevada, joining the ranks of Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Massachusetts, Alaska, and DC. As of January 1, 2017, adults in Nevada (over age 21) will be legally allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana, or up to one-eighth ounce of cannabis concentrates, for personal use. While existing medical marijuana dispensaries are likely to remain open it is likely we will not see recreational sales until at least June 2017. The Nevada legislature is still crafting many of the rules and regulations that will determine how recreational marijuana is distributed and who will be allowed to sell those products. Here are some answers to common questions about recreational marijuana in Nevada:

Can I smoke marijuana in public?

The short answer is simply no: you can only smoke or ingest marijuana products in a private residence. Public places are off-limits as are taverns, casinos, and even dispensaries where cannabis products are sold.

What about growing my own cannabis plants?

Unlike other states, Nevada law only allows growing plants at home if you are more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary. So, if you live in a rural area you can likely possess up to 6 plants per person, but no more than 12 plants per household. Residents of larger cities are probably within (or will be) a 25-mile radius of a dispensary and would not be allowed to grow cannabis at home.

Can I bring marijuana back to Nevada from other states?

Technically, it is illegal to cross state lines with any federally controlled substance – don’t risk it.

Marijuana sales are banned in my county – what can I do?

Individual counties in Nevada can regulate the sale of both medicinal and recreational marijuana. In fact, 12 of the 16 counties in Nevada currently ban medical marijuana businesses. However, you can still legally purchase marijuana in other counties for personal or medicinal use on your own private property.

Will I need to show ID to purchase recreational marijuana?

Because recreational sales are limited to individuals 21 and older, yes, you will need to show ID as proof of age. Purchases will be logged in a state-administered database that should, in theory, limit buyers to 1 oz of cannabis per day. Have additional questions about medical and recreational marijuana in Nevada? See the below helpful links that may answer your questions.

  • http://www.governing.com/gov-data/state-marijuana-laws-map-medical-recreational.html
  • http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/politics-and-government/nevada/what-you-should-know-about-nevada-new-marijuana-law
  • https://lasvegassun.com/news/2017/jan/03/some-answers-for-your-questions-on-recreational-ma/

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Image: Eric Limon/123rf.com

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