More and more people are starting to see Cannabis as a great source of medical relief and recreation. Thankfully, manufacturers and professionals in the industry are continually innovating in order to offer higher standard results and better services to their customers. With that in mind, we created a list that includes some of the best and newest developments in the Cannabis world at this particular time.


THCv is a new cannabinoid that is similar to the regular THC. However, the new development sees this compound as the savor for obesity and diabetes. The main reason here is that the THCv is said to suppress appetite and it does seem to have a great insulin and glucose regulation effect. It’s not available on the market at this particular time but it will come very soon.

More data to use

Cannabis legalization at least in some of the states has managed to bring in front a very rewarding and professional set of results. With this, the industry also managed to obtain more data about how cannabis is used, how much cannabis is needed and so on. This is one of the first major steps towards creating a regulated and reliable medical market for cannabis.

Many trials are already happening

Companies all over the country are working very hard to figure out new uses for cannabis. Tests are underway for PTSD, pain, inflammation and psychosis treatments among many others. One thing is certain, the industry is getting stronger and researchers deserve all credit for that. A similar thing happens when it comes to detecting and measuring human response to cannabis and finding a suitable dose for each patient.

New delivery methods

A new set of delivery methods is underway as well. There are sublingual compounds, topicals, tinctures, transdermal patches as well as measured and dosed inhalers. These new delivery methods are nothing short of amazing and the best part here is that they will come to the market fairly soon.

Whole plan juicing

This is one of the major trends right now. Green juices made out of cannabis are designed to offer you all the necessary benefits your body needs and your body will also be able to fight diseases a lot faster this way as well!


There are new cannabis plant genetics that are developed very fast at this time. There was a lack of genetic ambiguity until recently but bioscience helps people acquire new compounds from regular cannabis which is a plus.

The cannabis industry is indeed growing and these new developments do show that right from the start. Hopefully they will be able to push the industry further as we try to find better and more reliable methods of using cannabis. Obviously, the main goal is to use these in order to get cannabis legalized faster but there is a long way to go until that happens. Still, there’s hope and the new developments listed on this page will indeed help us get one step closer to that goal!

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