CA Cannabis License Bond

California Cannabis Surety Bond

The State of California issues 6 types of cannabis licenses, each of which requires a separate $5,000 surety bond:

  • CA Cannabis Retailer License
  • CA Cannabis Testing Lab License
  • CA Cannabis Distributor License
  • CA Cannabis Microbusiness License
  • CA Cannabis Cultivator License
  • CA Cannabis Manufacturer License

We can issue your Cannabis License Bond in minutes. A credit check is not required for most cannabis license bonds.

Ready to buy a CA Cannabis License Bond? Simply complete the short request form below or call us at 888.226.6285. Once issued, the original bond form will be mailed to you. Payment can be made with a credit card or e-check.

CA Cannabis License Bond Application

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Municipal Licenses Needed?

Additional Questions

How Much Does a CA Cannabis License Bond Cost?

Each $5,000 CA cannabis license bond costs $100. Some municipal licenses may cost more, depending on the bond amount and specific requirements of the City or County. Please call us at 888.226.6285 if you have questions about a specific bond form.

How often does the bond renew?

Each license bond is in-force indefinitely unless canceled for non-payment of premium or at your request. You will be billed for an annual premium of $100 each year. You can request the bond be canceled but we are required to provide 30-days notice to Obligee (i.e. State of CA or a city/county).  Save & Exit

Can the bond form be e-mailed to me?

Unfortunately, the bond cannot be emailed to you. CA requires the bond be signed by a licensed surety agent and include an original embossed or stamped surety seal. Once you apply for the bond, we will mail the original to you at the address you designate. Overnight delivery is available for an additional fee.

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