cannabis landlord insurance

Landlords with cannabis industry tenants often have difficulty securing affordable coverage. At Cannabis Insurance Pros, we have specialized programs designed to provide affordable and comprehensive landlord or lessors risk insurance for building with marijuana industry tenants. Whether you have a single building with one tenant or multiple tenants in a strip mall, we can provide you with the right landlord insurance, such as:

  • Property Insurance for your buildings and appurtenant structures
  • Loss of rental income caused by a covered cause-of-loss.
  • General liability for injury claims that occur on the covered premises.
  • Commercial umbrella insurance to cover a large liability claim.
  • Ordinance or law coverage for the undamaged portion of the building.
  • Optional flood and earth movement coverage.

At Cannabis Insurance Pros, we understand your business. Unlike a general insurance agency, we specialize in providing coverage for the cannabis industry. When you choose us for your cannabis landlord insurance needs, you will have the benefit of a dedicated agent and account manager that are available 24/7 to assist you. Our goal is to provide you with customer service that exceeds your expectations. Contact Cannabis Insurance Pros today for a no-obligation lessors risk insurance quote.

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